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Ouzo - a true taste experience

Ouzo, the Greek drink known the world over, which attains its characteristic cloudiness when water is added to it, can be classified in the general category of anise drinks (anise), i.e. alcoholic drinks with an anise flavour.

Ouzo is produced traditionally and exclusively in Greece. Aniseed, fennel, star anise, mastic unique to the island of Chios, as well as other herbs from the Greek flora, combined with a thorough knowledge of the art of distillation, give Ouzo its unique quality. Significant Ouzo-producing areas in Greece include the island of Lesvos, and more specifically the area  Plomari, which has become famous for the production of a special and refined variety of Ouzo. Its characteristic taste and flavour, that distinguish Ouzo from other drinks, are owed to the manner in which it is produced. This has remained unchanged over the centuries and conceals a ritual replete with secrets and coded names.


One does not merely "drink" Ouzo, but rather one participates in a unique ritual

Enjoy Ouzo is above all an opportunity to express our sociability, to come together witch loved ones, to gather around a common table. The rules that follow are part of what is the participation in the "ritual of Ouzo" in Greece.

Outstanding and unique

1894 is the year that Isidoros Arvanitis sets off on his great quest, in which he searches tirelessly for the ideal ingredients in order to make the perfect recipe for Ouzo. After many trips, he will finally find what he is looking for. The famed recipe which will give Ouzo a taste tied to tradition, a drink as clean and clear as the waves of the Aegean. Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis, with its characteristic taste and distinctive flavour, contains: soft water from the sources of the river Sedountas, aniseed from Lisvori, fennel from Northern Evia, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, mastic essence from the island of Chios, a variety of other herbs from the island of Lesvos and salt from the salt marshes of Kalloni on Lesvos. The blending of these ingredients is a secret, as is the recipe which Isidoros Arvanitis left behind.

Years later, this refined yet rich taste, which harmoniously blends old-fashioned distillation methods with our contemporary life style, will be captured inside a distinctive bottle topped by its characteristic cork top. And it wasn't long before this precious balance of tastes won over the love and reference of the Greek people.

Ouzo is an evolved descendant of distilled marcs and other blended saccharin raw materials. It is classified in the general category of anise, which are the alcohol drinks with the aroma of aniseed. Such an aroma is given by aniseed, asteroid anis, fennel. The basic difference between Ouzo and other drinks with the aniseed aroma is the traditional distillation process. The production of Ouzo takes place traditionally and exclusively in Greece. Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece.


ouzo plomari glasouzo bottlesQuality Assurance
A century later, nothing has changed because the quality of Ouzo of Plomari is and has been absolute and unique. The Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis, which is a 100% Greek company and is owned by the Kaloyannis family, continues to produce ouzo using traditional methods and its traditional recipe, while at the same time is utilizing scientific knowledge to ensure the quality of the products and the satisfaction and protection of consumers. Towards this end, the Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis, has been certified by Austria Hellas for implementing the HACCP Quality Assurance System in the production and bottling of the products.

How to drink Ouzo

Ouzo has its own way to be enjoyed with mezedes (appetizers served in small dishes). The rules that follow, without being binding, are a part of what in Greece we call the “The ritual of Ouzo”.

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Available Quantity in Thailand

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