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Place the bottle on the table Select the most suitable glass Enjoy Ouzo together with "meze" (Greek finger food) Enjoy it in good company
Enjoying Ouzo begins the moment the bottle arrives at your table. It is also the moment that initiation into a world dominated by flavour and taste begins...
Pick up the bottle, uncork it to set the aroma free and experience a unique taste pleasure.
There are three different glasses and ways that you can enjoy Quzo:
In a shot glass (plain), a medium-sized glass (with ice or water).
Ice gives Ouzo the correct temperature, while the addition of water gives Ouzo its characteristic cloudiness.
And one more important detail: In order to prevent crystallization, it is advisable to first add water and then ice.

The tastes accompanying Ouzo should be contrasting and "aggressive": sour with savoury flavours, sweet with bitter, spicy with refreshing, with Ouzo always dominating them. One "meze" from each type suffices, as it is there to tantalize the taste buds rather than satisfy our appetite.
Typical "meze" to be enjoyed with Ouzo include all types of shell fish, octopus, dry salted fish (sardines, mackerel, bonito, etc.), salty and spicy cheese as well as pickled combinations such as tomato with feta cheese and olives, among others.

The best thing to do with delightful experience is to share them!
Good company, large or small, a mood for discussion and companionship, a small dish containing a few " mezes" and the feeling that you are partaking in a uniquely special rite, is the ideal way to enjoy Ouzo.
This is how everyone enjoys it in its homeland Greece.